How To Get An Orgasm As A Woman

As a woman, there are few things in life that can rival the feeling of having an orgasm. On the subject of sexuality, men often reach climax with minimal ease; unfortunately, the same cannot be said about women. In fact, a recent survey by sexual experts at Durex revealed some shocking information. 70 percent of women rarely or unable to hit climax.  The good news is that virtually any woman can beat those odds by learning how to get off and climax all on their own. Whether its paying attention to your body and mind, here are a few tips on how to get there on your own or with your partner.

Set the mood

A woman’s ability to reach climax, to some extent, depends on how they feel both emotionally and physically. Stress, anxiety, and discomfort can totally kill your chances of getting to climax. Prime yourself for sex by building excitement throughout the day to heighten your state of arousal.  You can do this by fantasizing and visualizing what you will do with your partner.  Sex experts agree that a woman’s body responds better to stimulation when she’s already turned on mentally.  Create an intimate atmosphere by playing smooth and seductive music. Music has a way of making people relax and concentrate.

The power of masturbation

What better way to achieve a solo orgasm than through masturbation? Masturbation is often a gateway to a life full of sexual bliss. By masturbating, we are essentially talking about clitoral and vaginal stimulation. You can achieve this using your hands or a combination of sex toys.  The pleasure of gently stroking your genitals, in a rhythmic motion, will culminate in an unforgettable climax. Highly-sexed women can even reach climax by caressing their breasts. Once you have learnt enough about how and where you want to be stimulated, share the knowledge with your partner during foreplay for a fulfilling female orgasm.

Make the gel your friend

It’s amazing what a few drops of lubricant can do during sexual stimulation.  Lube gives a more sensual feel by getting rid of painful and irritating friction. When applied to the vagina or clitoris, it delivers waves of tingling sensations that raises blood flow to your genitals making them more sensitive to touch.  Gel has a reputation for making the orgasms more wondrous and overwhelming. Your partner can amplify the thrill by smoothing the gel all over your hot spots then gently rubbing the area to enhance sensuality. Encourage your partner to concentrate on the motions that excite you the most.

Make use of sex toys

Indeed, sex toys have been here for a while and they deliver big time. Experiment with sex toys such as vibrators to enhance clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Vibrators have a tendency of providing an intense, high-octane stimulation that cannot be matched by your tongue, penis or fingers.  The use of vibrators is one of the fastest ways to orgasm as a woman. Incorporate sex toys as part of foreplay with your partner. The beauty of sex toys is that they come in many shapes, forms and sizes. Discover the magic of these fabulous tools and take your sex life to a whole new level.  Break sexual monotony by experimenting with different toys and switching techniques for a mind-blowing sexual session.

Focus on positions that maximize both vaginal and clitoral stimulation

The woman-on-top is a good position because it gives you more control of your sensuality. In this position, you can dictate the pace, angle, and depth of strokes for a better clitoral stimulation. In fact, clitoral stimulation is achieved by rhythmically grinding against your partners pubic bone. Achieve the big O sensuality by grinding your hips in slow intense circular motions as opposed to up and down movements.

The legendary Doggie pose is another position you ought to try out more often. This position allows your partner to deliver deep penetration while offering direct stimulation to your G-spot. For people who get self-conscious during intercourse, the Doggie style can help in tuning out the nerves.  Up the ante by squeezing your vaginal muscles during intercourse.  This trick works regardless of the pose you are using. Flexing the PC muscles aligns the clitoris and the vagina thus boosting your chances of climaxing.

Finally, remember to multitask. Hitting more than one hot spot at the same time is a surefire way of achieving orgasm as a woman. For example, you can rub your breasts with one hand as you simultaneously stimulate your vagina or clitoris with a vibrator. If you are with a partner, you can have them rub your breasts or inner thighs as they go down on you.